Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Price in USA, India and other regions (Predicted)

Based on the all the information available till now on Apple iPhone 6 how much iPhone 6 will cost in USA, India and all other regions is now quite Assumable

iPhone Price in USA

The Apple iPhone 5s was still have no drop in Price if we talk of India but in US it does have a drop down in sales of its 16GB version cause in US 16 GB onboard storage is not in Demand any long and all the users are now looking for devices with at least 32GB internal storage.

Since 16 GB is not in Demand anymore we can't predict the Price of iPhone 6 16 GB Model while the iPhone 6 32GB model can cost about £529 ($687) and the 64GB model can cost about £599 ($779) and the 128GB model can reach up to £699 ($908). In terms of India and Other regions Price can be upto above $1200 (60,000) to $1500 (87,000) 

While we can't guarantee that this information is 100% Correct it is just a rough prediction While the actual prices may be different than this Depending on Market. 

Sunday, 25 May 2014

iPhone 6 in 2014 Smartphone battle and Price in USA

Apple iPhone 6 Precap and Impact on 2014 Smartphone Battle and Mobile Market with it's Price in USA

2014 has been going a great year for the technology lovers especially in mobile sector with big launches like HTC One M8 , Samsung Galaxy S5 , Xperia Z2 and not to forget the Moto G, X and E and still this year have a lot to go on.

iPhone 6 in 2014 Smartphone battle

Where all the big brands had updated their Flagships. One company is still taking their time for getting in this competition it's the Apple. Yes the Apple haven't given any clue for their latest work iPhone 6 yet but with the prototype leaks it's now sure that iPhone 6 gonna be announced soon so today we talk about on what kind of impact would iPhone 6 give in the market against current competition where it's Price in USA is supposed to be about $1100 to $1200 .

iPhone 6 is yet to be announced and leaks are not enough to come to any solid comparison but few things are clear with the prototype that the device would be bigger than iPhone 5s with the screen of about 4.7" alongside 720p retina display which can be questionable cause all the major flagships are offering FHD (Full High Definition) resolution since past two years but apple is still believing that the 720p would be best with the design to maintaining the ratio of screen and display whether it would not affect their market position too cause if you're an Apple user you would understand that the resolution is not something that matters in iPhone sale but in comparison to Xperia Z2 or other flagship devices it may not the good as them.

The market today is totally getting dominated by the android devices for example HTC One M8 have the best design,Samsung Galaxy S5 have the best Camera, Sony Xperia Z2 is taking over Dispay section  Where LG G3 is gonna be announced soon so the iPhone 6 have to deliver something really good and we believe that it's will do that cause the iPhone 6 has the major changes in it's software section such as
Quad Core replaces the traditional Dual Core processor. Apple A7 chipset can be overtaken by the A8 or an upgraded A7 where the clock speed may remain same as before which makes it the fastest iPhone ever.

In terms of Camera it may beat the Samsung galaxy S5 with the 12  Or 13 Mega Pixel camera with upgraded f/2.2 model lens enhancing the Low Light image quality again  where the sensor can be bigger than it's usual 8MP sensor .
According to the 9to5Mac the Apple  had been granted to use the new technology lightfield camera which allows user to refocus at any point of the image even after capturing the photo
That's may be a very new and practical thing for the people who snaps every time.
Well with specs and features of iPhone 6 have revealed till now is assuring that the phone will definitely make it  to the top however according to the surveys the ecosystem which was created by Apple is now slightly getting smaller one reason can't be given for this it can be because of Aggressive policies of Apple, too much ego , launches delays it could be anything but in any situation one thing that Apple would never loose is their Class.
Coming back to the topic. The iPhone 6 launch need to be have before October or else it wouldn't comparable in this year competition and will be too soon for the next year so a launch before October may generate a higher number of Sales for them

We have all of our eyes on it you'll be updated with all the latest things on this.

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