Sunday, 1 December 2013

Article on How to make money online from Home without investment

This Article states the ways for making money online with some home based jobs like shopping and writing

Internet is the biggest source of information or we say a place where all information gathers. But now internet is much more commercial than before and you can also take the benefit of this for getting some extra bucks for your pocket.

How it works:-

Advertising and Promotions:-
Many Companies have started using internet for their commercial purpose because of the increased usage of internet among normal peoples. Companies now use the internet for advertisements and promotion of their products. Because of beneficial response and increase in their sales  they are now spending a lot  much more in this sector.

Premium Downloads and membership:-

Sites who offers downloads and many informative content usually do that.  They split the servers of downloads
Normal servers and contents for free members and Fast servers and High quality content for premium members. They also spend money for getting more and more members and downloads.
These are the two major factors of online economy .
Now comes to the methods of online earning without investment



Blogging is actually the best and the most genuine way to earn online. If you have good knowledge of things and able to attract the people . So you can do great with it. After a good experience and generating enough traffic you can apply for the AdSense and other adware programmes. The Best Blogging platform for starting is
1. Blogger
2. Weebly

Survey sites:-

Even If you don't have any computer skills still you can earn some extra bucks for your pocket. You just have to fill out surveys,join given sites,play games , download apps and softwares.
But the earnings here are slow and less but the vouchers offers came very helpful. Some best survey sites are:-


If you can write effectively but don't want to blog because of low traffic so write for others but here you have to write under the terms and conditions given by the client and then you have to submit your article if it got approved than you will get paid for it.
The best writing site is:-
1. Iwriter


Freelancing means getting hired by someone for some work temporarily.
Here you can get projects according to your qualification or skills and after completion of  project you got paid for it. It can be $250 per project.
Best Freelancing site is:-


If you live in US or UK regions you can earn with just unlocking your smartphone with the locket app this app push many ads on screen when its locked.


Do's and Dont's
1. Do always use your PayPal account for cash out.

2. Don't copy contents from others sites.

3. Do check you blog stats daily.

4. Don't store cash in survey sites

5. Do give your correct information when joining.

6. Don't use you personal email account 
for surveys. Must make a new one

7. Do check you emails daily.

8. Do check the trust score of the sites at to avoid scams.

So That's all just try this if you are interested. You can also comment your feedbacks below


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