Sunday, 15 December 2013

Best Smartphones Under 10k

All of us always want best things within our budget but this is likely much disappointing when we see the that things highly expensive . This time we are talking about smartphones which are now a basic need. What we look in a smartphone is its features and the second thing the Price. But there are many ones which comes with loaded of features within a affordable price tag. So today i am making a list to give you a good idea of budget smartphone you should consider to buy.

10.Xolo A600 (8,199)

The sub Rs 10,000 smartphone market has witnessed a huge change in terms of the specs and build quality of the devices. One of the indigenous vendors who continue to offer exciting, well specced and affordable devices within this range is Xolo.

Monday, 9 December 2013

How To Stay Safe On Internet

How To Stay Safe On Internet

Internet is the biggest source of information available right now  but it is also becoming a big trap. The internet is the easy way to target peoples who don't have enough knowledge of internet and can be victimise easily.

Nowadays Usage of internet is much more commercial and money related than before. That's why internet is a major target of hackers. everyday the thousands of online scams has been revealing and still there are thousands sites which manages to hide themselves that's why Peoples have started  hesitating in online shopping ,e-banking and other programmes which is related to money because of these scam sites and hackers. But what you need to have to be secured is just awareness and some basin information. Information is the biggest security itself i am saying this because i have experienced. I have been using internet from last 7 years and confronted hundreds of scams and with all that experience I have got that eye which shows the original internet and ways to protect yourself from these scams. So today I am sharing the common methods to stay safe on internet.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy the real and informative internet.

1.Phishing is one of the major and most using methods to hack someone account. In phishing the hackers send you the mails. These mails mostly contains cloned links of your bank pages and saying verification or service change etc which usually gain people trust. But you can easily protect yourself from these mails by checking  the URL of your banking page. The URL of a site  never changes. if it is different from original URL that mean its a clone. Never use or login in that cloned page.

2. Mostly people gets fooled by sites who offers to pay for simple online jobs.They take benefits of innocent people who are finding ways to earn some extra cash from internet.There are many ways to earn online genuinely you can see here. How to earn online without investment. Always use Paypal for online payout. It will act as a barrier between your bank account and paying site.

3.Use anti-scam sites to avoiding the scams like . Here you can have a good idea of legit or fake sites.

4.Don't hesitates to shop online there are hundreds of genuine shopping sites like flipkart and Ebay Dont buy from any expired or unlocated domain. That can be dangerous.

5.The Phishing usually done by the email ids they get by registration on their pages so be careful in the terms of registrations and always read the T&C and Privacy Policy of the sites. Don't register on sites you are not familiar with.

6.Don't use your important Email ID for subscriptions on blogs and RSS feeders you can make new one's for subscription's.

7.Avoid the suspicious links or MLM ads like (get paid to register) that you often to see on facebook and other social sites.They also use many hacking techniques for getting access to your Facebook and other social account.

8.Downloading is also major method of hacking. Oftenly hackers attach virus with some attractive images or videos which force users to download that viral file. The best way to avoid that scenario is using a premium antivirus which also have the function of safe surfing or web shield.

These steps will be good enough for surfing the internet safe and secure. Don't doubt everything internet is  much bigger these hacker haven't even gotten 4% of it.

Actually I can also write more briefly but that will be more complicating and confusing for internet beginners.

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Friday, 6 December 2013

How to Overclock Micromax A50 Ninja without rooting

This tutorial will teach you how to overclock any mtk processored android smartphone like micromax ninja a50 without rooting the smartphone.

[Only applied for MTK processored smartphone ]

Just follow these simple steps to overcloak your mtk smartphone.

1.Dowload the "Mtk cpu test" application from Here.

2.After installing open the application.

3.Here you will see yellow perimeter set on 600mhz as default then take it to the maximum 806mhz or according to your smartphone processor.

4.check right on the "set on boot"option.

5.Hit the apply button.

6.Then Reboot or restart your smartphone.

Now Here you will see that your smartphone processing speed have increased a lotter than before.

Now enjoy the more faster smartphone experience.

Stay tune for more.

Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos rebooting on incoming call

Samsung Champ Deluxe Duos rebooting on incoming call
My freind visited for his mobile issue. He have a samsung champ deluxe duos C3312 and believe me it was the silliest mobile issue i've ever seen. The problem was the phone reboots or restarts whenever someone try to call on it. There was nothing wrong in outgoing calls, WAP, messages and all other things running perfectly but after little analysing and searching i have fixed it.
After surfing through many websites and examining the phone closely i found out that the call screen of the device have gotten stock up with the lock screen and whenever phone gets a incoming calls It automatically send wrong message to the processing unit which result as a restart or reboot so it is not a hardware problem. It is a software problem which can't be corrected with settings and factory reset. The only way to fix this is to format or flash the phone completely
For Formatting your phone first make a back up of your all data to an external storage
then dial *2767*3855# in your phone and press the call button then it reboot.
The problem is totally gone.
Thank you for reading

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Uc browser 9.4

Download latest 9.4 version of Uc browser for your android smartphone and also for other platforms here

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Article on How to make money online from Home without investment

This Article states the ways for making money online with some home based jobs like shopping and writing

Internet is the biggest source of information or we say a place where all information gathers. But now internet is much more commercial than before and you can also take the benefit of this for getting some extra bucks for your pocket.

How it works:-

Advertising and Promotions:-
Many Companies have started using internet for their commercial purpose because of the increased usage of internet among normal peoples. Companies now use the internet for advertisements and promotion of their products. Because of beneficial response and increase in their sales  they are now spending a lot  much more in this sector.

Premium Downloads and membership:-

Sites who offers downloads and many informative content usually do that.  They split the servers of downloads
Normal servers and contents for free members and Fast servers and High quality content for premium members. They also spend money for getting more and more members and downloads.
These are the two major factors of online economy .
Now comes to the methods of online earning without investment



Blogging is actually the best and the most genuine way to earn online. If you have good knowledge of things and able to attract the people . So you can do great with it. After a good experience and generating enough traffic you can apply for the AdSense and other adware programmes. The Best Blogging platform for starting is
1. Blogger
2. Weebly

Survey sites:-

Even If you don't have any computer skills still you can earn some extra bucks for your pocket. You just have to fill out surveys,join given sites,play games , download apps and softwares.
But the earnings here are slow and less but the vouchers offers came very helpful. Some best survey sites are:-


If you can write effectively but don't want to blog because of low traffic so write for others but here you have to write under the terms and conditions given by the client and then you have to submit your article if it got approved than you will get paid for it.
The best writing site is:-
1. Iwriter


Freelancing means getting hired by someone for some work temporarily.
Here you can get projects according to your qualification or skills and after completion of  project you got paid for it. It can be $250 per project.
Best Freelancing site is:-


If you live in US or UK regions you can earn with just unlocking your smartphone with the locket app this app push many ads on screen when its locked.


Do's and Dont's
1. Do always use your PayPal account for cash out.

2. Don't copy contents from others sites.

3. Do check you blog stats daily.

4. Don't store cash in survey sites

5. Do give your correct information when joining.

6. Don't use you personal email account 
for surveys. Must make a new one

7. Do check you emails daily.

8. Do check the trust score of the sites at to avoid scams.

So That's all just try this if you are interested. You can also comment your feedbacks below