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How To Stay Safe On Internet

How To Stay Safe On Internet

Internet is the biggest source of information available right now  but it is also becoming a big trap. The internet is the easy way to target peoples who don't have enough knowledge of internet and can be victimise easily.

Nowadays Usage of internet is much more commercial and money related than before. That's why internet is a major target of hackers. everyday the thousands of online scams has been revealing and still there are thousands sites which manages to hide themselves that's why Peoples have started  hesitating in online shopping ,e-banking and other programmes which is related to money because of these scam sites and hackers. But what you need to have to be secured is just awareness and some basin information. Information is the biggest security itself i am saying this because i have experienced. I have been using internet from last 7 years and confronted hundreds of scams and with all that experience I have got that eye which shows the original internet and ways to protect yourself from these scams. So today I am sharing the common methods to stay safe on internet.

Follow these simple steps and enjoy the real and informative internet.

1.Phishing is one of the major and most using methods to hack someone account. In phishing the hackers send you the mails. These mails mostly contains cloned links of your bank pages and saying verification or service change etc which usually gain people trust. But you can easily protect yourself from these mails by checking  the URL of your banking page. The URL of a site  never changes. if it is different from original URL that mean its a clone. Never use or login in that cloned page.

2. Mostly people gets fooled by sites who offers to pay for simple online jobs.They take benefits of innocent people who are finding ways to earn some extra cash from internet.There are many ways to earn online genuinely you can see here. How to earn online without investment. Always use Paypal for online payout. It will act as a barrier between your bank account and paying site.

3.Use anti-scam sites to avoiding the scams like . Here you can have a good idea of legit or fake sites.

4.Don't hesitates to shop online there are hundreds of genuine shopping sites like flipkart and Ebay Dont buy from any expired or unlocated domain. That can be dangerous.

5.The Phishing usually done by the email ids they get by registration on their pages so be careful in the terms of registrations and always read the T&C and Privacy Policy of the sites. Don't register on sites you are not familiar with.

6.Don't use your important Email ID for subscriptions on blogs and RSS feeders you can make new one's for subscription's.

7.Avoid the suspicious links or MLM ads like (get paid to register) that you often to see on facebook and other social sites.They also use many hacking techniques for getting access to your Facebook and other social account.

8.Downloading is also major method of hacking. Oftenly hackers attach virus with some attractive images or videos which force users to download that viral file. The best way to avoid that scenario is using a premium antivirus which also have the function of safe surfing or web shield.

These steps will be good enough for surfing the internet safe and secure. Don't doubt everything internet is  much bigger these hacker haven't even gotten 4% of it.

Actually I can also write more briefly but that will be more complicating and confusing for internet beginners.

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