Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Apple iPhone 6 Price in USA, India and other regions (Predicted)

Based on the all the information available till now on Apple iPhone 6 how much iPhone 6 will cost in USA, India and all other regions is now quite Assumable

iPhone Price in USA

The Apple iPhone 5s was still have no drop in Price if we talk of India but in US it does have a drop down in sales of its 16GB version cause in US 16 GB onboard storage is not in Demand any long and all the users are now looking for devices with at least 32GB internal storage.

Since 16 GB is not in Demand anymore we can't predict the Price of iPhone 6 16 GB Model while the iPhone 6 32GB model can cost about £529 ($687) and the 64GB model can cost about £599 ($779) and the 128GB model can reach up to £699 ($908). In terms of India and Other regions Price can be upto above $1200 (60,000) to $1500 (87,000) 

While we can't guarantee that this information is 100% Correct it is just a rough prediction While the actual prices may be different than this Depending on Market. 

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