Monday, 17 March 2014

How to use free internet on Airtel in android using Droidvpn

In this tutorial you will learn how you can use free internet on 3g airtel sim  in any android smartphone using Droidvpn application with just simple ways.

Also worked in many other ISP like Vodafone and Aircel.

free internet on android smartphone

// As the following article is a trick so we can't assure it work on every smartphone //

A. Android 4.0+
B. An active Email account
C. A working data plan on your airtel  sim at least 480kb needs to have.
D. (Optional) Share this post if you like it.

As the following trick is VPN based you need to have some basic information to handle it if you know about it then skip this paragraph. VPN means virtual private network. VPN provides a privately owned server or network which hides your personal location based IP address with their fake one's which gives you security from many online threats and gives access to country restricted websites for free. However you need to have a working data connection to connect with these vpn servers . They deduct the same amount of data you use on their server from your ISP so it's not actually free until now.

Our todays trick will work with the app called Droidvpn. Droidvpn is no different from other VPN providers but with some custom settings we can fool their servers

Droidvpn provides 100mb per day free but within specific conditions and here we have to hit the nails

As per the DMCA guidelines i can't write the whole method online  many peoples do but i don't like to break rules so I've made a instruction manual for this
Download manual here(Link Updated)

Download the Droidvpn here don't download from play store or else I'll not work
Download droidvpn here(Link Updated)

You can also try with other ISP like Vodafone, Aircel and MTS just don't change the HTTP headers but enable it.

Hopes this will work for you if not then keep up with us we surely find it out

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