Wednesday, 26 March 2014

10 Easy SEO tips for Blogspot bloggers

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Hey there guys hows it going. Well SEO is no new thing for peoples who are associated with internet. SEO is always been a major headache for bloggers because its complicated and kept changing. In wordpress like platforms where there are too many services SEO may be a not big deal. In blogger like platforms SEO can be bloodsucking. So today for my blogger freinds i have made a list of 10 easy to use SEO tips with a simple language. follow these simple steps to improve your SEO.

Enable your Search discription:

Seo tricks for blogger

Enable the search discription in your blog. For doing this you have to go in the settings then in search preferences here will find the search discription under the meta tags heading edit it then describe about  your blog try to use all related keywords.

Swap blog title with the page title place:

In blogger the default position of page title is placed after the blog title which is really bad for SEO. For correcting this you have to head for your template option then click on edit html option. Here find for this code <title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> and replace it with 
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageName == &quot;&quot;'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> | <data:blog.title/></title>

now save your template.

Play with perma-links:

By editing the permalinks of your poposts you can make them more foundable but the problem is you can't change the permalinks after publishing the post so do this with your new posts. For doing this you have to go to links option under post settings here check the custom link and edit it. 

Use Alt text on images: 

By using alt text on images there will be high possiblities of getting found on search. You can easily put alt text on your images by editing its properties. Make sure your text relates to both image and post.

Add Post descriptions:

Adding post description is very helpful and a must do thing in the terms of SEO. For Adding post description you have to go on post description option under post settings.Make it under 150 characters and don't forget to include keywords.

Content is the key:

No matter how good your SEO is. Still what matters is the content. If you keep your content original and unique then definitely you are going make a success.

No-Follow Tag:

Add rel='nofollow' to low ranking external links so then search engines won't follow those sites when crawling your blog. This will prevent you from giving backlinks to those sites.


Backlinks means a link of your blog on another post. For getting good quality backlinks target your niche related forums and discussions. Guest posting is also considerable.


Use sub-headings with related keywords in your posts because search engine uses and stores this information while crawling on your blog. For eg. All the paragraph titles like 'backlink:' in this post is subheading and also a keyword.

Keywords and Labels:

Keywords is actually the most important thing in whole SEO cause it is required in almost all of the tips given above. Make your keywords simple ,short and SEO-friendly like use 'Make money online' instead of 'How to earn money online' and 'Learn SEO'instead of 'learn how to do SEO within three months'.

So thats all i can share with my experience but actually there is much more in SEO but that is really professional and hard the above tricks are fine for basic blogs. If you like this post pls share.


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