Friday, 7 March 2014

How to earn online with Shortening and sharing URLs and Links

In This Article you will learn how you can earn some extra bucks from shortening URLs and links with these CPM link shortner sites like

As per today millions of peoples are earning through internet if you are still out of these millions then learn here:
How you can earn from internet

There are millions of sites out there  with a lot of awsome content and downloads and you can earn and make some good money with just sharing them. All you need to do is register on the sites given below and  start shrinking the urls and links which is easy as pie If you have good platforms to promote them then woo-hoo with some good effort you can make about $1000/month.

These are the best and most trusted paying link shortener sites  available on the internet: is the first name here cause it is the best in this buiseness n ruling among all link shrinking sites and paying from many years. pays their 50% of revenue generated through the ads which is average about $5.26/1000 visitors with full real time stats but the pricing also depends according to the country. pays monthly via paypal and payza.

Linkbucks is in second lead and equal competitor of  Linkbucks also been on internet from a very long time. Its best when it comes to social marketing and payment. Linkbucks pay about $6.25/1000 visitors. Linkbucks pays via paypal and many other option.

Okay this one is my personal opinion and i use it myself not from a long time but from decent and this is really wonderful. pays about $2.36/1000 visitors with real time analystics. I got paid without any issue. pays via paypal and payza. 

°Don't Spam in social sites Use your own pages.
°Shrink only interesting content no scrap.
°Shrink only download pages and content not home pages.
°Promote your links in your own blog or site.
°Don't refer too much or everywhere only refer with blogs or personal known freinds.

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  1. Hi, I think adfly is a very good shorting URL for earning few bucks, because I made some bucks from this network, here is the Payment Proof of Adfly

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Did you know you can shorten your urls with Shortest and make $$$ for every visit to your short urls.

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