Friday, 7 March 2014

Facebook adds free voice calling in Facebook Messenger

Facebook is now working a much harder then ever. This time an unexpected thing happens again. Facebook is now giving free VoIP voice calling feature in latest update of it's facebook messenger. Read full story

After an unexpected 19 billion whatsapp cling facebook is still suprising the world by their humbling Decisions It's clear now that facebook doubting about their future. This time facebook has rolled out the feature of free VoIP voice calling with the latest update of it's messaging application Facebook messenger. Yes now you can call any of your active freind and talk unlimited totally free of cost over your wifi or phones data connection.VoIP is the same feature that skype and viber application uses so its nothing new at all. But as facebook have huge social stregnth and numbers of users so the usage of this will increase automatically. Thats why we have doubt about this as facebook is always under social and potential threats . There's no guarantee that it will be secure to use this feature especially in India  where most of the browsers are using anonymous proxies.

Will it increase the facebook social stregnth?

Well, today internet is known for two names facebook and google.As for facebook they need to keep theit users engaged by more connecting options.

So definetely it's clear that VoIP enabled facebook messanger will attract the millions of facebook users. May be this will clear the doubt of facebook and make a stop on these humbling decisions they're making.

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