Friday, 7 March 2014

IGT star Akshat singh hits the Ellen show

India Got Talent contesnant Akshat singh got a serious buzz when he hitted one of the greatest talk shows. The Ellen show and set the whole stage on fire with his energetic and awesome dance moves.

On Monday this 8 year old kid enters the ellen show. Where the audience didn't know about him. He came with his toy vehicle and just start dancing. Every single person in the audience got amazed including the host Ellen Degeneres . He proved his talent and whole audience stood up for him.

Watch Video Here

He also had a little chat with Ellen. Well with his limited understanding of english and a translator he said enough. When ellen asked him "How much he dances" akshat replied "He dances everyday for about 3 hours".
Well it's really good to see when our domestic talent get chance to perform on international stage which also encourage many other young talents.

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